Trisha Bealmear
Director of Operations

Trisha has been a part of the Motus Crew since 2017. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration from the University of Central Missouri.

Trisha Bealmear is a ninja and fitness instructor and helps students aspire to reach their goals and dreams in the gym and outside of the gym. Trisha coached Junior Olympic gymnasts for 6 years and was a competitive athlete in her youth. She has witnessed the benefits of fitness and healthy living in individuals of all backgrounds. Each day, she strives to facilitate those benefits for Motus’ diverse programs by promoting a supportive, inspired environment.

Donovan Metoyer
Ninja Warrior Program Director

Metoyer is a 6 time American Ninja Warrior contestant and Season 9 Vegas Finalist! Born and raised in Kansas City, MO, he developed many of his talents here: parkour (before it was a thing), basketball, track and field, computer programming and acting. He’s pretty much a jack-of-all-trades! Armed with an associate’s in computer science and a 2nd Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo, he has a knack for creating course layouts from CAD software and the discipline needed to make sure everything flows, like water.

TJ Rehak

As owner of Motus Ninja Warrior and Xtreme Gymnastics, TJ has invested over two decades to the athletic development of gymnastics; coaching at the elite level with the integrity of developing character through athletics. His combined passion for adventure and wellness has led to his innovative launch of Motus Ninja Warrior, where movement is the foundation of living better. He dreams on a grand scale with a competitive mindset in and out of the gym. He thrives on continuous improvement with an authentic fortitude to help others succeed. TJ is an alumnus of the University of Missouri Kansas City and has been instrumental in his community’s legislative changes that protect the sports industry.

Randi Owens
Ninja Instructor

Favorite Obstacles: The ring slider, unstable bridge, and the iconic warped wall!

Hobbies: Climbing, Drawing, and Rock/Mineral Collecting

Passions: Protecting and appreciating nature and wildlife, promoting positivity, kindness, growth, being knowledgeable in all that she does, and always making time for her friends and family.

Carmen Menendez
Ninja Instructor

Favorite Obstacle: The warped wall!

Hobbies: Currently, Carmen plays 5 sports in which she absolutely loves. At a very young age, Carmen was diagnosed with an extremely rare autoimmune disease so she got involved with community work, helping inspire young athletic woman who have the determination to push themselves to their fullest potential.

Passion in life: Carmen’s passion in life is to give back in what she feels is never going to be repayable for what many doctors did for her. She had to overcome many of her own personal obstacles. This has allowed Carmen to understand what it takes to help others overcome obstacles and share empathy for those who may be struggling themselves. Carmen is also passionate about Sports Medicine and becoming a Physical Therapist at Missouri State University.